Collective Intelligence Now

Asynchronous Video Discourse, Debate,
and Consensus

Governance as a service.

 Civol is a decentralized video town hall for organizations and communities of all sizes, from companies to NGOs to nations.

The eXchange Player Recorder

The Civol XPR makes Asynchronous Video Conversation possible, which in turn makes direct feedback on specific statements possible, and that is what allows us to precisely measure consensus.
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The Player


Each speaker's contribution to the exchange is a separate video, which when played in sequence produce a conversation experience similar to that of a TV talk show. Here the user is navigating manually.
The Recorder

Push button simplicity.

Clicking the Reply button on the Player brings up the Recorder. Click the red Record button and you're on your way. Re-record till you get it right. Publish when you're happy. Instant playback.
The Rater


When a video finishes playing the Rater appears, asking you how much you agree or resonate with the speaker. Takes just a second, no one is tracking you, and you're rewarded with CVL tokens.

The eXchange Tree.

At any time you can see the entire exchange, scan the summaries, choose who you want to watch, and then click Play All to watch them in sequence.


Collective Decisions Image, vectorized or treated with similar effect to issues images on covol - i'm seeing birds... this is a wide screen view of flock of birds or a school of fish, which have obviously all made a decision to cooperate

copy is from the help article - build on rater copy above

Conflict Resolution

vector faces, obviously hostile, slide in from the edges, again, this is a wide angle view with the text in the middle

Text is about debate, no need to protest because the people have a voice


message - the vote is secured by blockchain, which is decentralized, and no one sells your data or tracks you without your explicit permission


Coming soon, rewards for posting and rating

whimsical token model in bg at angle at 20% opacity

Civil Media

Civol media is what's beyond social media.
It's about governance, which means collective decision making.
Civol media will not replace social media, it extends it by accomplishing what social media has has proven unable to deliver - intelligent collective behavior and decisions.


who will control the system? ultimately it will be the collective users of the system. that is our intent and we want to state it clearly from the start. once the civol userbase is large enough and the code is mature enough we will begin to allow collective decisions made on the civol platform to control the system. ideally there will be no ceo, no management team, no board of directors. there will only be intelligent collective decisions on how the platform should evolve

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